About Us

Perspective Glass is a professional glazing company providing complete glass design, manufacturing, and installation solutions for high end office buildings, medical centers, movie theaters, office buildings, showrooms and hotels across the state of Florida and beyond. Our roots date back to 1974, when Custom Glass Company was started by Shane Prieto’s father.

Shane served as Vice President for his father’s glazing company from 1996 through 2007, and in January 2008 Shane launched Perspective Glass with his wife, Ashley Prieto. In 2015, Perspective Glass purchased the assets and fabrication shop from another glazing contractor. The business included a 40,000-square foot manufacturing warehouse, and a construction installation team.

Today, Perspective Glass designs, tests, fabricates, and installs storefront, and curtainwall systems for projects across South Florida. Shane has experience working with architects, owners, and designers to develop project specific glazing systems to meet the needs of any client, and our core team is dedicated to envisioning and producing the best possible solutions for each unique client.


David W. Swaton

Project Manager

Nick Gerhart

Operations and Safety Manager

Jason Doughty


Our Services

Master Plans

Our team works in tandem with yours to ensure your project design flows smoothly from start to finish.


The ability to think outside of the box allows our visionary designers to marry form and function for beautiful builds.


Exterior spaces are transformed with glass - comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a crystal clear view.


Wide open spaces stay inviting with elegant glass installations that permit both privacy and partitioning.


Customized curtainwall provides stability and strength for architects and builders seeking long lasting solutions.

Urban Designs

Sleek, glass focused builds allow developers to create aesthetic spaces that enhance existing neighborhoods.

Our Mission

Perspective Glass is committed to building the most knowledgeable team in the industry in order to produce the highest quality architectural glazing projects - with excellence, accuracy and employee safety in mind. We believe in protecting every employee both on the worksite and in our manufacturing warehouse. To that end, we have installed a CNC routing and saw machine to cut, drill, route and prep all aluminum in one run - without physical contact required. This process helps us ensure both worker safety and the highest possible level of accuracy for each project. It’s all about keeping things in perspective.